Tipitaka >> Sutta Pitaka >> Samyutta Nikaya >> Anuruddho Sutta

Translation by Bhikkhuni Uppalavanna

1. I heard thus. At one time venerable Anuruddha lived in a stretch of forest in the country of Kosala.

2. Then a certain deity named Jalini of the company of the thirty-three gods a previous wife of venerable Anuruddha approached him.

3. Approaching, said these stanzas:

"Establish, your mind there, where you lived earlier
In the heaven of the thirty-three, all sensual pleasures prosper.
You will look beautiful attended by celestial nymphs."

4. "Celestial nymphs established in a self are fallen into unpleasantness

And those who wish for celestial nymphs are also in unpleasantness."

5. "They that do not see Nandana, do not know pleasure

It is the home of the king of gods, the fame of the thirty."


6. "Foolish woman, you do not esteem of the words of the worthy

All determinations are impermanent, they rise and fade,
Arisen, they cease, their complete surcease is bliss
Jalini, I have no more settlements with heavenly bodies
I have ended my journey in existences, there is no more rebirth for me."

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