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18. How to find real happiness? Edit

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An initial stage of trance/samadhi

Happiness is a state of mind. In Buddhism , there are several ways for it :

1. For Unordained Uninitiated People: 

(a) Donation : a(i) Material Donation: It is divine joy because it is divine act. Its bliss can only be experienced when practiced. Buddhism advises to also dedicate the credit of donation to your past ancestors. a(ii) Donation of Goodwill: This is practiced by mentally repeating "May All Beings Be Happy" in letter & spirit and forgiving everyone adverse to you without exception. Wonderful peace is achieved by practicing this in your spare time.

 (b) Sheel (morality) i.e. as much as abstinence from sex, stealing, lies, intoxicants & violence.

2. Meditation (For Initiated): In addiion to above, systematic practice of meditation by initiated & ordained  leads to stillness of mind as well as of emotions, desires , wants & cravings. Later , after a long practice of meditation(alongwith practice of morality/sheel), one gets the blissful experience of Samadhi/Trance state(as in diagram above or higher states/universal).

When trance states are realized, one understands that the source of all the happiness is within already, that is why meditation needs to be taught to everyone from an early stage.

In essence, the practice of meditation unveils the inherent spirituality, that is the source of all the life as well as of all the happiness. Unveiling this source, one understands that a person is not dependent upon material/external sources for achieving happiness.

These methods will not only make people happier & blissful, but also the human society & nations will become peaceful as they will no longer compete for limited material resources, thus, this will bring about the saintly nature within humankind where sharing & caring will become prominent; a world free of crime, violence & warfare.

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