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Source: Adapted from Archaic translation by Robert ChalmersEdit

JATAKA No. 135


"Who sagely meditates."--This story too was told by the Master while at Jetavana monastery about the interpretation of a problem by the Elder Monk Sariputra at the gate of Samkassa.

Once upon a time when Brahmadatta was reigning in Benares, the Bodhisattva, as he expired in his forest-home, answered his disciples' enquiries with the words--"Moonlight and Sunlight." With these words he died and passed to the Radiant Realm.

Now when the chief disciple interpreted the Master's words his fellows did not believe him. Then back came the Bodhisattva and from mid-air recited this stanza:-

 Who sagely meditates on sun and moon,
 Shall after win 
(when ecstacy (trance)takes place)
 his slot in Radiant Realms.

Such was the Bodhisattva's teaching, and, first praising his disciple, he went his way back to the Brahma Realm(Upper Heaven).

His lesson ended, the Master identified the Birth by saying, "Sariputra was the chief disciple of those days, and I Maha-Brahma."

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