Tipitaka >> Sutta Pitaka >> Samyutta Nikaya >> Gahatthavandana Sutta

From The Connected Discourses of the Buddha: A New Translation of the Samyutta Nikaya. VoI 1, by Bhikkhu Bodhi. 2000: Wisdom Publications. pg. 333-335.

At Savatthi. There the Blessed one said this: Bhikkhus, once in the past Sakka, lord of the devas, addressed his charioteer Matali thus: 'Harness the chariot with its team of a thousand thoroughbreds, friend Matali. Let us go to the park grounds to see the beautiful scenery.' - 'Yes, your lordship,' Matali the charioteer replied. Then he harnessed the chariot with its team of a thousand thoroughbreds and announced to Sakka, lord of the devas: 'The chariot has been harnessed, dear sir. You many come at your own convenience.'

"Then, bhikkhus, Sakka, lord of the devas, descending from the Vejayanta Palace, raised his joined hands in reverential salutation, and worshipped the different quarters. Then Matali the charioteer addressed Sakka in verse:

"These all humbly worship you---

Those versed in the Triple Veda,

All the khattiyas reigning on earth,

The Four Great kinds and the glorious Thirty----

So who, O Sakka, is that spirit

To whom you bow in worship?'


"'These all humbly worship me---

Those versed in the Triple Veda, All the khattiyas reigning on earth,

The Four Great Kings and the glorious Thirty---

But I worship those endowed with virtue,

Those long trained in concentration,

Those who have properly gone forth

With the holy life their destination.

"'I worship as well, O Matali,

those householders making merit,

The lay followers possessed of virtue

Who righteously maintain a wife.'


"'Those whom you worship, my lord Sakka,

Are indeed the best in the world.

I too will worship them---

Those who you worship, Vasava.'

[The Blessed One:]

"Having given this explanation,

Having worshipped the different quarters,

The deva-king Maghava, Suja's husband,

The chief, climbed into his chariot."

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