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Tipitaka >> Sutta Pitaka >> Khuddaka Nikaya

Khuddaka Nikaya is the "minor collection". This is a heterogeneous mix of sermons, doctrines, and poetry attributed to the Buddha and his disciples. The well-known Dhammapada is in this section.

  1. Khuddakapatha (Short Passages)
    1. Saranagamana (1)
    2. Dasa Sikkhapada Sutta (2)
    3. Dvattimsakara Sutta (3)
    4. Samanera Pañha Sutta (4)
    5. Mangala Sutta (5)
    6. Ratana Sutta (6)
    7. Tirokudda Kanda Sutta (7)
    8. Nidhi Kanda Sutta (8)
    9. Karaniya Metta Sutta (9)
  2. Dhammapada (Dhamma Verses [with Detailed Incidents])
  3. Udana (Exclamations)
  4. Itivuttaka (Thus It Was Said [By Buddha])
  5. Suttanipata (Discourses On Important Social & Moral Issues)
  6. Vimanavatthu (Heaven & Its Mansions, Angels & Their Past Deeds)
  7. Petavatthu (Ghost Stories)
  8. Theragatha (Enlightened Saints[Men])
  9. Therigatha (Enlightened Women Saints)
  10. Jataka (547 Past Lives of Buddha)
  11. Niddesa
  12. Patisambhidamagga (Path of discrimination)
  13. Apadana (Life Story of Buddha & of Other Enlightened ones)
  14. Buddhavamsa(The Lineage of Buddhas)
  15. Cariyapitaka(Buddha Acquiring Perfections in Past Lives)
  16. Nettipakarana(The Guide)
  17. Petakopadesa
  18. Milindapanha (Conversion of Greek King Milinda [Menander])

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