Tipitaka >> Sutta Pitaka >> Samyutta Nikaya >> Kulagharani Sutta

Translation by Bhikkhuni Uppalavanna

1. I heard thus. At one time a certain bhikkhu lived in a stretch of forest in the country of Kosala.

2. At that time, that bhikkhu spent a lot of his time going a certain family.

3. Then a deity living in that stretch of forest out of compassion, wishing to arouse remorse, disguised herself to look like the woman of that ill famous house and approached that bhikkhu.

4. Approaching, said these stanzas to that bhikkhu:

"All night you think of the river bank. People say,
Why is he going up and down the bank of the river?
There are many impedimental sounds
That should be endured by the ascetic.
By those sounds you should not be bewildered or wearied
Wild animals in the forest tremble because of sounds
Ignore those sounds, they do not come to your sphere."

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