Tipitaka >> Vinaya Pitaka >> Khandhaka >> Mahavagga >> First Khandaka >> 1.11

Adapted from the Translation by T. W. Rhys Davids and Hermann Oldenberg



Chapter-11 : Story of Dejection of Mara(the Deathlord).

1. And the Lord Buddha said to the Bhikkhus: 'I am delivered, O Bhikkhus(Monks), from all fetters, human and divine. You, O Bhikkhus(Monks), are also delivered from all fetters, human and divine. Go now, O Bhikkhus(Monks), and wander, for the gain of the many, for the welfare of the many, out of compassion for the world, for the good, for the gain, and for the welfare of gods and men, Let not two of you go the same way, Preach, O Bhikkhus(Monks), the doctrine which is glorious in the beginning, glorious in the middle, glorious at the end, in the spirit and in the letter; proclaim a consummate, perfect, and pure life of holiness. There are beings whose mental eyes are covered by scarcely any dust, but if the doctrine is not preached to them, they cannot attain salvation. They will understand the doctrine. And I will go also, O Bhikkhus(Monks), to Uruvela, to Senaninigama, in order to preach the doctrine.'

2. And Mara the wicked One went to the place where the Lord Buddha was; having approached him, he addressed the Lord Buddha in the following stanza: 'You are bound by all fetters, human and divine. You are bound by strong fetters. You will not be delivered from me, O Samana(monk).'

Buddha replied: 'I am delivered from all fetters, human and divine. I am delivered from the strong fetters. You are struck down, O Death.'

(Mara said): 'The fetter which pervades the sky, with which mind is bound, with that fetter I will bind you. You will not be delivered from me, O Samana(monk).'

(Buddha replied): 'Whatever forms, sounds, odours, flavours, or contacts there are which please the senses, in me desire for them has ceased. You are struck down, O Death.'

Then Mara the wicked One understood: 'The Lord Buddha knows me, the perfect One knows me,' and, sad and afflicted, he vanished away.

Here ends the story of Mara(the Deathlord).

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