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Adapted from the Translation by T. W. Rhys Davids and Hermann Oldenberg



Chapter-2 : Buddha Meets a Priest Under the Ajapala Banyan tree.

1. Then the Lord Buddha, at the end of those seven days, arose from that state of meditation, and went from the foot of the Bodhi tree to the Ajapala banyan tree (banyan tree of the goat-herds). And when he had reached it, he sat cross-legged at the foot of the Ajapala banyan tree uninterruptedly during seven days, enjoying the bliss of emancipation.

2. Now a certain Brahmana(priest), who was of a haughty disposition, went to the place where the Lord Buddha was; having approached him, he exchanged greeting with the Lord Buddha; having exchanged with him greeting and complaisant words, he stationed himself near him; then standing near him that Brahmana(priest) thus spoke to the Lord Buddha: 'By what, Gotama; does one become a Brahmana, and what are the characteristics that make a man a Brahmana?'

3. And the Lord Buddha, having heard that, on this occasion pronounced this solemn utterance: 'That Brahmana who has removed (from himself) all sinfulness, who is free from haughtiness, free from impurity, self-restrained, who is an accomplished master of knowledge , who has fulfilled the duties of holiness, such a Brahmana may justly call himself a Brahmana, whose behaviour is uneven to nothing in the world.'

Here ends the account of what passed under the Ajapala tree.

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