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Adapted from the Translation by T. W. Rhys Davids and Hermann Oldenberg



Chapter-8 : Buddha Initiates Mother of Yasa the First Female Lay Disciple.

1. And in the forenoon the Lord Buddha, having put on his under-robes, took his alms-bowl, and, with his kivara on, went with the venerable Yasa as his attendant to the house of the setthi, the householder. When he had arrived there, he sat down on a seat laid out for him. Then the mother and the former wife of the venerable Yasa went to the place where the Lord Buddha was; having approached him and having respectfully saluted the Lord Buddha. they sat down near him.

2. Then the Lord Buddha preached to them in due course; that is to say, he talked about the merits obtained by alms-giving, . . . . (&c., as in chap. 7. 5, 6, down to:); thus they obtained, while sitting there, the pure and spotless Eye of the Truth (that is, the divine knowledge): 'Whatsoever is subject to the condition of origination is subject also to the condition of cessation.'

3. And having seen the Truth, . . . . (&c., as above, §§ 5, 6, down to:), dependent on nobody else for knowledge of the Teacher's doctrine, they thus spoke to the Lord Buddha: 'Glorious, Lord! glorious Lord! Just as if one should set up' (&c., as in chap. 7. 10, down to:). We take our refuge, Lord, in the Lord Buddha, and in the Dhamma, and in the fraternity of Bhikkhus; may the Lord Buddha receive us from this day forth, while our life lasts, as disciples who have taken their refuge in Him.'

These were the first females in the world who became lay-disciples by the formula of the holy triad (Triratna - Three Gems - Buddha , Dhamma & Sangha).

4. And the mother and the father and the former wife of the venerable Yasa with their own hands served and offered excellent food, both hard and soft, to the Lord Buddha and to the venerable Yasa; and when the Lord Buddha had finished his meal, and cleansed his bowl and his hands, they sat down near him. Then the Lord Buddha taught, encouraged, animated, and gladdened the mother, and father, and the former wife of the venerable Yasa by dhamma discourse; and then he rose from his seat and went away.

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