Tipitaka >> Vinaya Pitaka >> Mahavagga >> Second Khandaka >> 2.11

Adapted from the Translation by T. W. Rhys Davids and Hermann Oldenberg



Chapter-11 : Uposatha to be Held by Complete Congregation in One Place.

At that time there were at Rajagaha several residences (of Bhikkhus) within the same boundary. Now the Bhikkhus quarrelled: (some of them said), 'The Uposatha shall be held in our residence;' (others said), 'It shall be held in our residence.'

They told this thing to the Lord Buddha.

'There are, O Bhikkhus(Monks), several (Bhikkhu) residences within the same boundary; now the Bhikkus quarrel: (some of them say), "The Uposatha shall be held in our residence;" (others say), "It shall be held in our residence." Let those Bhikkhus, O Bhikkhus(Monks), assemble in one place all of them and hold Uposatha there, or let them assemble where the senior Bhikkhu dwells and hold Uposatha there. But in no case is Uposatha to be held by an incomplete congregation. He who holds it (in that way), commits a dukkata offence.'

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