Tipitaka >> Vinaya Pitaka >> Mahavagga >> Second Khandaka >> 2.9

Adapted from the Translation by T. W. Rhys Davids and Hermann Oldenberg



Chapter-9 : Establishment of a Place for Patimokkha(Confession) within a Distance of Hearing.

1. At that time in a certain district too small an Uposatha hall had been appointed. On the day of Uposatha a great assembly of Bhikkhus met together. The Bhikkhus heard the Patimokkha sitting outside the site fixed upon. Now those Bhikkhus thought: 'The Lord Buddha has promulgated the precept that Uposatha is to be held after an Uposatha hall has been fixed upon, and we have heard the Patimokkha sitting outside the site fixed upon. Have we therefore (duly) held Uposatha or have we not held it?'

They told this thing to the Lord Buddha.

'Whether (a Bhikkhu) be seated inside or outside the site fixed upon, provided he hears the Patimokkha, Uposatha has been duly held by him.

2. 'Therefore, O Bhikkhus(Monks), let the Sangha determine as large an uposatha-pamukha as it desires. And it ought to be determined, O Bhikkhus(Monks), in this way: First the landmarks are to be proclaimed. The landmarks having been proclaimed, let a learned, competent Bhikkhu proclaim the following natti before the Sangha: "Let the Sangha, reverend Sirs, hear me. If the Sangha is ready, let the Sangha, as the land marks have been proclaimed all around, determine an uposathapamukha by these land marks. This is the natti. Let the Sangha, &c. Thus I understand."'

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