Tipitaka >> Sutta Pitaka >> Samyutta Nikaya >> Manatthaddha Sutta

Translation by Bhikkhuni Uppalavanna

1. The origin is Savatthli.

2. At that time, a Brahmin named Mànatthadda lived in Sàvatthi. He never worshipped mother or father, his teacher or elder brother.

3. At that time the Blessed One was preaching a large gathering.

4. And it occurred to the Brahmin Mànatthadda: "This recluse Gotama is preaching to a large gathering, what if I too approach. If the recluse Gotama speaks to me, I will speak. If he does not speak to me, I too will not speak to him."

5. Then the Brahmin Mànatthadda approached the Blessed One and silently stood on a side.

6. The Blessed One did not speak to him.

7. The Brahmin Mànatthadda, thinking the recluse Gotama does not know anything about me, liked to stay there longer.

8. The Blessed One knowing the thought and thought process of the Brahmin Mànatthadda said this stanza:

"Brahmin, pride is not good, it did not help any person in this world,
For what reason did you come, tell us your intention"

9. Then the Brahmin Mànatthadda, knowing, "The recluse Gotama knows my mind," put his head at the feet of the Blessed One, kissed the feet and stroked the feet with his hands and made his name heard saying, "I am Mànatthadda. Good Gotama. I am Mànatthadda."

10. The gathering was astonished and said, "This brahmin Mànatthadda never worshipped mother or father, his teacher or elder brother Yet he falls low at the feet of the Blessed One with devotion."

11. Then the Blessed One said to the Brahmin Mànatthadda: "That's enough Brahmin, sit on your seat, I know that you are pleased about me."

12. The Brahmin Mànatthadda sat on his own seat and said these stanzas to the Blessed One:

"How should I be not conceited, to whom should respects be paid?
Whom should I esteem and who should be highly honored?"

(The Blessed One:)

13. "Mother and father and also the elder brother,

Fourth is your teacher, towards them do not show conceit
Revere them and esteem them, they are suitable to be venerated.
The cooled worthy ones, who have destroyed desires,
And done their duties are the incomparably worthy of reverence,
Worship them without conceit and without a hard heart."

14. Then the Brahmin Mànatthadda said to the Blessed One: "Good Gotama, now I understand. It's like something overturned is put upright. Something covered is made manifest. It's like one who was lost was shown the path. It's like a lamp lighted for the darkness, for those who have sight to see forms. In this and other ways the Teaching is well explained. Now I take refuge in good Gotama, in the Teaching and the Community of bhikkhus. I am a lay disciple who has taken refuge from today until I die."

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