Tipitaka >> Sutta Pitaka >> Samyutta Nikaya >> Nandana Sutta

Translation by Bhikkhuni Uppalavanna

Thus I heard. Once the Blessed One was living in Savatthi in Jeta's grove, in the monastery offered by Anathapindika. The Blessed One addressed the bhikkhus from there:

"Bhikkhus, in the past, in the Nandana grove of the thirty two gods, a certain god provided with the five strands of heavenly sensual bliss was enjoying them until the snapping of the fingers and said this stanza:

"They, that have not seen Nandana grove, do not know the enjoyments of the king of gods, and the fame, of the thirty-three gods.

Bhikkhus, a certain deity hearing this, replied with this stanza:

"You fools do not know the words of the worthy ones,
'All determinations are impermanent,
They are of the nature of rising and falling.
Arisen they fade, their complete cessation is bliss.' "

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