Tipitaka >> Sutta Pitaka >> Samyutta Nikaya >> Pathamamarapasa Sutta

Translation by Bhikkhuni Uppalavanna

1. At one time, the Blessed One was living in the deer park, in Isispatana in Benares.

2. The Blessed One addressed the bhikkhus from there thus: "Bhikkhus, wisely thinking I made the right endeavor and attained and realized noble release Bhikkhus, you too think wisely, make the right endeavor and attain and realize noble release."

3. Then Màra the evil one approached the Blessed One and said this stanza:

"Whether heavenly or human you are bound by the snares of Death,
Recluse, you are bound by death, not released by me."


4. "Whatever it may be, heavenly or human, am not bound by the snares of death.

Am released from the bonds of death, go away! You are the ender."

5. Then Màra the evil one knew, "The Blessed One has recognized me," became displeased and vanished from there.

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