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(The Book of Relations)
This the last (seventh) book of Abhidhamma. This book is a detailed examination of causal conditioning, analysing 24 types of conditioning in relation to the classifications in the matika(table) of the Dhammasangani.

Two versions of Patthana are presented here :

Short Patthana Version 1 - The Patthanuddesa DipaniEdit

By Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw & Translation by Sayadaw U Nyana

Chapter 1 - Hetu-Paccaya or The Relation by Way of Root
Chapter 2 - Arammana-Paccaya or the Relation of Object
Chapter 3 - Adhipati-Paccaya or the Relation of Dominance
Chapter 4 - Anantara-Paccaya or the Relation of Contiguity
Chapter 5 - Samanantara-Paccaya or the Relation of Immediate Contiguity
Chapter 6 - Sahajata-Paccaya or the Relation of coexistence
Chapter 7 - Annamanna-Paccaya or the Relation of Reciprocity
Chapter 8 - Nissaya Paccaya or the Relation of Dependence
Chapter 9 - Upanissaya-Paccaya or the Relation of Sufficing Condition
Chapter 10 - Purejata-Paccaya or the Relation of Pre-Existence
Chapter 11 - Pacchajata-Paccaya or the Relation of Post-Existence
Chapter 12 - Asevana-Paccaya or the Relation of Habitual Recurrence
Chapter 13 - Kamma-Paccaya or the Relationship of Kamma
Chapter 14 - Vipaka-Paccaya or the Relation of Effect
Chapter 15 - Ahara-Paccaya or the Relation of Food
Chapter 16 - Indriya-Paccaya or the Relation of Control
Chapter 17 - Jhana-Paccaya or the Relation Of Jhana
Chapter 18 - Magga-Paccaya or the Relation of Path
Chapter 19 - Sampayutta-Relation or the Relation of Association
Chapter 20 - Vipayutta-Paccaya or the Relation of Dissociation
Chapter 21 - Atthi-Paccaya or the Relation of Presence
Chapter 22,23,24-Natthi,Vigata,Avigata Paccaya , the Relations of Abeyance,Absence & Continuance
Chapter 25 - Paccaya-Sabhago or the Syhthesis of Relations
Chapter 26 - Paccaya-Ghatananaya or the Synchrony of Relations
Chapter 27 - Synchrony of Relations in Consciousness not Accompanied by Hetu
Synchrony of Relations in the Immoral Class of Consciousness
Synchrony of Relations in the States of Mind
Synchrony of Relations in the Groups of Material Qualities

Detailed Patthana Version 2 - Patthana DhammaEdit

By Htoo Naing

Chapter 1 - Citta
Chapter 2 - Cetasikas
Chapter 3 - Rupa
Chapter 4 - Nibbana
Chapter 5 - Hetu Paccayo
Chapter 6 - Arammana Paccayo
Chapter 7 - Adhipati Paccayo
Chapter 8 - Anantara Paccayo
Chapter 9 - Samanantara Paccayo
Chapter 10 - Sahajata Paccayo
Chapter 11 - Annamanna Paccayo
Chapter 12 - Nissaya Paccayo
Chapter 13 - Upanissaya Paccayo
Chapter 14 - Purejata Paccayo
Chapter 15 - Paccchajata Paccayo
Chapter 16 - Asevana Paccaya
Chapter 17 - Kamma Paccayo
Chapter 18 - Vipaka Paccayo
Chapter 19 - Ahara Paccayo
Chapter 20 - Indriya Paccayo
Chapter 21 - Jhana Paccayo
Chapter 22 - Magga Paccayo
Chapter 23 - Sampayutta Paccayo
Chapter 24 - Vippayutta Paccayo
Chapter 25 - Atthi Paccayo
Chapter 26 - Natthi Paccayo And Vigata Paccayo
Chapter 27 - Avigata Paccayo

Download/View English TranslationEdit

Short Patthana version 1 simple English translation; Click to open then save the files: 

File:Forwikitxt Patthanuddesa Dipani.pdf

Detailed Patthana version 2 simple English translation; Click to open then save the files:


Patthana PTS translation in .pdf ; Click to open then save the files:

File:Patthana1 a.pdf

File:Patthana1 b.pdf

File:Patthana2 a.pdf

File:Patthana2 b.pdf

Original Pali Version Edit


Click the link below to access the original Patthana files in Pali language, the language spoken by Buddha.

Patthana, Pali

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