Tipitaka >> Sutta Pitaka >> Samyutta Nikaya >> Sariputta Sutta

Translation by Bhikkhuni Uppalavanna

1. At one time venerable Sàriputta was living in the monastery offered by Anathapindika in Jeta's grove in Savatthi.

2. At that time venerable Sàriputta was advising, inciting, gladdening, and making light the hearts of the bhikkhus with words that were polite, well enunciated, only those that explained the Teaching; and the bhikkhus too were listening with complete attention to absorb the essential.

3. Then it occurred to venerable Vangisa: "Venerable Sàriputta is advising, inciting, gladdening and making light, the hearts of the bhikkhus with words, that are polite, well enunciated and words that only explained the Teaching and the bhikkhus too are listening with complete attention to absorb the essential. What if I praise venerable Sàriputta in his presence with a meaningful stanza?"

4. Then venerable Vangisa got up from his seat, arranged his robe and clasping hands towards venerable Sàriputta said: "Friend Sàriputta, it occurs to me."

5. Venerable Sàriputta said "Vangisa, say it."

6. Venerable Vangisa said this meaningful stanzas in the presence of venerable Sàriputta:

"Wise Sàriputta with deep wisdom is clever in the path and non path.
He teaches the bhikkhus, in brief and explains in detail,
His quiet explanations are like grains of rice falling noiselessly. The bhikkhus listen delighted and enticed to the lovely speech,
It is as though, they want to partake sweet honey."

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