Tipitaka >> Sutta Pitaka >> Samyutta Nikaya >> Suddhika Sutta

Translation by Bhikkhuni Uppalavanna

1. In Sàvatthi.

2. The Brahmin Suddhika Bharadvaja approached the Blessed One, exchanged friendly greetings and sat on a side.

3. Seated on a side the Brahmin Suddhika Bharadvaja said a stanza in the presence of the Blessed One:

"A Brahmin did not get purity in the world in any way,
Not through virtues, doing austerities or with knowledge and conduct.
`He' purifies him, not the rest of the people."

(The Blessed One:)

4. "However much nonsense is muttered, a Brahmin is not by birth,

Internally he is soiled and deceitful. A warrior, Brahmin, a householder,
A slave, an outcaste or working class man, if be with aroused effort to dispel
And be ever zealous to make endeavor, Brahmin, he attains to highest purity."

5. Then the Brahmin Suddhika Baradvaja said to the Blessed One: "Good Gotama, now I understand. It's like something overturned is put upright. Something covered is made manifest. It's like one who was lost was shown the path. It's like a lamp was lighted for the darkness, for those who have sight to see forms. In this and other ways the Teaching is well explained. Now I take refuge in good Gotama, in the Teaching and the Community of bhikkhus. May I gain the going forth and the higher ordination in the dispensation of Gotama."

The Brahmin Suddhika Bharadvaja obtained the going forth and higher ordination.

Soon after the higher ordination, venerable Suddhika Bharadvaja secluded and withdrawn from the crowd abode diligently to dispel and before long, for whatever reason sons of clansmen rightfully leave the household and become a hermit, that noble end of the holy life he realized, attained and abode. He knew, birth is destroyed, the holy life is lived, duties done, there is nothing more to do.

6. Venerable Bharadvaja became one of the worthy ones.

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