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Theragatha : Verses of the Elder Monks(Introduction)Edit

The Theragatha (Thera+Gatha) consists poems(gathas) written by Theras i.e. Elder Monks(also known as Bhikkus) who were the foremost and fully enlightened (Arahats) & mostly of the time of Buddha. These infinitely self illuminated Elder Monks had also reached the other shore of Nirvana/Nibbana (transcendental dimension) where there is eternal bliss and eternal life. These accounts serve as inspiration to follow in their footsteps.

Theragatha-Detailed : Detailed Lives & Teachings of Elder Monks Edit

Chapter 1 : Single Verses 1-120Edit

Thera 1.1: Subhuti (1) : Go ahead and rain!

Theragatha-Sayings : Only Sayings/Verses of the Elder MonksEdit

Download/View English Translation Edit

The following .pdf file contains the hyperlinked commentary on Theragatha(about 80% complete), open it then save the .pdf file:


Original Pali VersionEdit


The following freely available .PDF files were taken from These are from Vipassana Research Institute. These contain the original words in Pali language.
The translation of original Pali words can never convey exact meaning, hence these are being provided for research & comparison. The website also contains files in many other languages.
It is also to be mentioned that in original Pali language Buddha is referred as Bhagava(God), Bhagvanta(God), Sattha/Satthu(Teacher).

Pali-English Version Edit

Mula(Short) Version:

File:Theragathapali mula.pdf

File:Therapadanapali 1 mula.pdf

File:Therapadanapali 2 mula.pdf

Atthakatha (Detailed):

File:Theragatha-atthakatha 1.pdf

File:Theragatha-atthakatha 2.pdf

Pali-Devnagri Version(Sanskrit/Hindi Script) Edit

Mula(Short) Version:


File:13.Therapadanapali 1-dev.pdf

File:13Therapadanapali 2-dev.pdf

Atthakatha (Detailed):

File:Theragatha-atthakatha 1-dev.pdf

File:Theragatha-atthakatha 2-dev.pdf

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